Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just for u Y . i never meant to hurt u .

i'm really unpredictable person .
and im only love one person .
and my heart still her owned .
even though its really hurt .
when someone we love ,
dont believe us and hurt us ,
i know she kept waiting .
i love her .
Dear god,
please show us the path .
i sorry i've hurt her before .
sorry because i'd made hasty decision,
without discuss with u .
dont hate me .
im just doesnt cant take it .
when knowing that u texting somebody else .
dont u believe what i said to u before .
u really deserve me to be yours .
believe me i never meant to hurt u .
i never use harsh word on you .
just like u said .
sieze the day .
i cant feel the ground for letting u go .
i'm sory for take u for granted .
believe me . patient on me .
because what i told u before its true .
you know what my love is just for you Y .
not anyone else .
i hope u read this .
i take my chance too wait for u before .
and im still waiting .
sorry for took many time to think .
i'm just a human being .
i've made my mistaked and so were u .
so we all deserve a chance .
i love u so much .
forgive me and i'll never hurt u again .
u know who u are .
and i'll kept waiting .
this is my promise .

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