Monday, 9 January 2012

my story my identity

I DO have a Girlfriend.
and i hope she think of me
because i think of her always
I don't drink.
Dirty people, dirty hair, 7'o clock shadows.
My music taste is varied.
I don't want to listen to your band
I enjoy watching you falldown the hills
because its funny when i got higher than you .
I keep a journal.. To keep my thoughts.
I like to share my thoughts with others, but not my journal
I don't trust many people at all.
I want a lot yet I ask for nothing.
I have a hard time realizing when something is a good thing.
hardly ever satisfied
I miss who I was,, but enjoy whom I'm becoming
I am a very jaded person
Whom don't like apologizing
and who love green . duhh .
I ALWAYS have my sidekick on longer
I change my hair style quicker than you do.
I live in a town, which I am blatantly too good for.
I lose/hide my shoes a lot.
Cause I like being bare foot. =)
I have a natural pout.
I have THE worst sleeping pattern ever.
I tend to always be laughing about something.
I enjoy making people around me happy.
I come off as a bitch... I'm not this way all the time
There is a lot of passion beating inside my chest
First thing I notice about someone is their hands
I spend most my life in toilet.
I enjoy going out but I like being home more
I'm a good secret keeper.
I don't hate myself as much as you'd like me to.
I don't love myself as much as you think I do.
I'm way to nice for my own good.
At time's I'm a very shallow
But I'm not interested in fashion.
Or care what "brand" you are wearing
Don't plan on catching my attention if your "the quite type"
I am the biggest chatterbox ever, and it shows when I'm not interested.
Master of communication and expression
Quick-witted, and clever
I know where I'm going and I know where I'm not.
I love dreaming about big city's.
I'm always changing my mind
I'm hypocritical and plastics.
Get over it, cause you are too!
I hate first impressions
DO NOT judge me based upon something "someone said."
and I shall do the same for you
I will NOT talk shit, behind someone's back.
If I have something to say about you... you'll find out from ME
You really don't know me.
So don't act like you do
I stay clear from drama
I forgive everyone.
but I don't forget anything.
Beware of my "mental gestures" witch reveal my agile mind.
I'm romantic in nature and HARD too figger out
I look just like my pictures
so if you think you see me
It probably is me - so say hi.
I like too see the good in people
But I do look out for MY best interest
I don't wear underwear, socks or shoes most the time.
I say hoy/bodo/pokek/sengal/shit a bit to much.
I dislike being alone.
And am always up for conversation
I like knowing about current events
I think playing with fingertips is so cute.
I enjoy good photography.
I believe in God.
I believe in SOMETHING..something in your head.
I love it when I hear
''Is he that one from facebook?''
as I walk into a room.
I'll break it down for you, I aint no dumb scene cunt.
I actually don't care what you think about me,
I don't want to be your friend and I don't wanna "do" you.
If you think I like you..
Think again & quit coming to my page and giving me the profile views.
facebook or what so ever isn't my life.
This is me! - Keep the hate mail coming!