Monday, 27 February 2012

I'm on my own now . Thanks for coming to my life .

Sometimes what we planned doesn't work at all . Sometimes what we saw and you called so beautiful just one moment its seem came as a bitch . Sometimes life get harder and harder to accept it . Sometimes we make mistakes again and again,we doesn't realised it . Sometimes what I'm posted to my wall and my twisted tweets,can't make she realise that I'm here and still exist . I think what I'm asking is too much,if am i really asked her . Nahh she don't even care . What I thought is she is the one and I'm really asked HIM "if she"? What i think just now doesn't same with my hope . Sometimes I'm just gave up to ask someone . Sometimes I'm just losing my faith with HIM . I thought what I had is just enough . Human can't get enough and am still not satisfied for what i have just now because I'm still human being . So why don't you see?? Although I just wanted to thanks her for it . For came to my life and and makes me happy just for awhile . Thank you :)

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